A Guide To Avoiding And Dealing With A DWI

Close to 30 people a day die in crashes involving alcohol. Driving While Impaired (DWI) charges are also a nightmare because it's a stigma that you walk around with, is a costly charge to defend and pay penalties for, and can derail job prospects. No matter how you slice it, drinking and driving is something you should avoid. To learn some tips on how to avoid it and how to deal with the legal blowback that might come about, this article will teach you. 

Plan Your Logistics So That the Idea of Being Stranded Never Comes Into Play

The big mistake that people make is taking risks because they're worried about getting stuck where they are. While your health and safety and the safe of others is more important than taking a DWI risk, that logic doesn't necessarily kick in when the night is over and you're trying to get home. 

To avoid taking this risk, plan out your logistics in advance. Use a rideshare service or get a ride while you're still sober, and plan out how you're going to get home. If you are going out with friends, designating a driver in advance takes the guesswork out of it. 

By handling this in advance, it's much easier for you to minimize the risk of getting pulled over for drinking and driving. 

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities and Address All Legal Issues That May Come About 

While the number one thing to do is to avoid DWI altogether, unfortunately, human beings make costly mistakes. If you get pulled over, start by making sure that you say as little as possible and never admit to a crime. Wait until you have a lawyer present to say anything to officers, aside from general cooperation. 

Speak to several bail bonds companies so that you can find a deal that gets you out from behind bars with fees that are affordable. There are lots of bail bondsmen that specialize in helping clients that get pulled over for DWI specifically. They are available around the clock and can get you out from the predicament. 

After this, you will need to speak to some DWI lawyers that will set up a defense that helps you out and makes sure that you get a second chance when it's time to talk to a judge. 

Taking time to follow these steps can keep you safe when it comes to drinking and driving.